English Bulldog Rescue and Bulldog Care


Dogs are really fantastic pets to have and there are many different breeds and type of dog. Each breed has their own set of traits, advantages and disadvantages.

If you are looking for an English Bulldog rescue and want to adopt an English Bulldog, this page is designed to give you valuable information in doing so.

Adopting a Bulldog is a very popular method used by many people around the world that are wanting a bully. English Bulldog rescue groups or British Bulldog rescue groups(as some people like to call them), humane societies and animal shelters are the primary sources of these adoptions. These agencies take in, care for and find good homes for the dogs in their possession.
Adopting an English Bulldog from one of these groups will probably be your best option because they specialize in re-homing Bulldogs whereas animal shelters and humane societies deal with all dogs including mixed breeds. In a given year, English Bulldogs may or may not be available at these latter locations. So, if you are waiting for a bully to be up for adoption at your local shelter or humane society, you might be waiting for a long time.

Bulldog Rescue & Dog Crates

English Bulldog rescue groups are full of Bulldogs that have been abused or neglected by their owners. The bully’s are saved from puppy mills or surrendered by families who can no longer financially support them. Please bear in mind you might need to purchase a indestructible dog crate as these dogs are a very powerful and strong breed. Once in rescue, the dogs are cleaned up, attended to medically, observed for temperament/behavioural disposition and above all, the Bulldogs are given lots of attention and love. A volunteer foster home is usually in charge of these responsibilities until a permanent family is found.

Adoption requires a lot of documentation on your behalf. These organizations want only the best homes for their Bulldogs. Lengthy applications are thoroughly investigated. Here are some common questions that you will find on a Bulldog rescue application:

  • Why do you want to adopt a Bulldog?
  • Who is your employer and how long have you worked there?
  • What is your yearly income?
  • Do you live in a home or apartment?
  • Do you have a fenced in backyard?
  • Do you have any children and if so, how many and what are their ages?
  • Do you currently own any dogs?
  • Do you currently own any cats?
  • Do you have a veterinarian? If so, what is his name, address and phone number?
  • Are you familiar with common Bulldog health problems?
  • How much do you expect to pay per year to take care of a Bulldog?
  • Are you willing to take responsibility for the Bulldog for its lifetime?
  • Can you give references that will verify your ability to take good care of a rescued Bulldog?
  • Once again, these are just a few of the questions that you will find on a typical application. If you decide to proceed with this method, please answer all questions honestly. The lengthy applications are intentional and are in place for the well-being of both you and the Bulldog.

Below is a list of the organizations that we recommend and endorse here at the Nation. For more information about pet adoption and pet rescues, please visit Adopt a Pet You Will Love. Be sure to also check out our cheap English Bulldog page for additional options on how to purchase a Bulldog.


Where To Find A Rescue Group

The Bulldog Club of America adopts Bulldogs nationwide. Please visit their website for more information and to complete an online adoption application. All links open in new windows.