puppy mills

Puppy Mills


Puppy mills are breeding facilities that are downright disgusting, unsanitary, overpopulated and cruel. Feel free to throw in your own adjectives whenever you like. These mills, also known as puppy farms are usually stockpiled with many different breeds of dogs, including our beloved English Bulldog. These dogs are used for breeding on a continuous basis with no breaks in between, producing many litters in a given year. On the contrary a responsible, reputable breeder will only breed once or twice a year.

Puppy farms do not care about these dogs. The dogs are placed in small cages and are not let out to socialize or exercise. These cages are generally stacked one on top of another and rarely get cleaned. Dog food and fresh water are given sporadically. So basically, what we have at these mills are unhealthy, malnourished, socialized dogs laying in their own urine and faeces.

So you might be asking, why are these farms in existence? One reason, and one only, to make money. Puppy mills are big business. They provide many of the animals found in pet stores in the United States and around the world. While these puppies might look normal and cute, the fact is, most will never become properly socialized or even housebroken. The puppies health will always be in question and even as it matures, its health will be much more respectable to illness and disease.

On the positive side, many canine rescue groups and government agencies are cracking down on these puppy farms. One such organization is Prisoners of Greed. Please be sure to visit them on the web to learn more about these mills and to help them in their efforts. After reading this page, you can see why we are so opposed to the purchasing of English Bulldog puppies or any kind of puppy from a pet store. Our best recommendation is to purchase from a responsible, reputable breeder.

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