Australian cattle dogs

All About Australian Cattle Dogs

Australian cattle dogs

As a child, I grew up with German Shepherds. Which my father still breeds in Michigan today. As an adult, the Australian Cattle Dog won my heart. My first one came from two ACD’s that I used to take care of when their owners went away. I named my puppy Carter and my world would never be the same again!

I could not have picked a better breed for my lifestyle. We do a lot of hiking, camping and horseback riding. Carter was now a part of the family. This then drove me to do more research and learn all I could about the breed.

So I started volunteering for an ACD rescue and taking courses (Penn Foster) to become a dog trainer. My career began to take off. I was pet sitting and training! Helping people understand their dogs is very rewarding for me, the dog and their owners.

When I got married, my husband gave me the opportunity to start my breeding program. We are working on making our ACD’s capable of anything! Temperament, Ability, Conformation and Heart! So if you are looking for a puppy to become a new part of your family or the dog you have, to be more of a companion. We also provide excellent pet and barn care while you are away, so take a look around our website, let us know what our team can do for you!

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