Why are Degus great Pets

Degus make fantastic pets, and for those who are not already familiar with their brilliantness, here's a few reasons why: They are easy to keep There sleeping patterns mean they are awake during the early morning and evening, when you are most likely to be at home, and sleep when you do unlike other pets such as hamsters Degus are [...]

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Hamster Cage Accessories

Savic Hamster Heaven Cage
When you are going to be getting a pet hamster, you will need to get a cage and hamster cage accessories to make him the perfect home. You need these extra items for [...]

Types of Hamster

The 3 Most Common Types Of Hamsters If you were thinking about keeping a hamster as a pet, you should probably learn about the different types of hamsters. This way you can [...]

Cattle Dogs

Australian cattle dogs
As a child I grew up with German Shepherds. Which my father still breeds in Michigan today. As an adult the Australian Cattle Dog won my heart. My first one came from two [...]

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